World Party 2011: New England Patriots

December 23, 2010

Always bringing you the latest in masquerade ball news, this latest for Providence residents: World Party 2011! 

Brought to you by none other than the New England Patriots! 

Those cats know how to party.

The 21-plus event will run from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. at the Rhode Island Convention Center; its sponsors bill it as “Rhode Island’s version of the Times Square Celebration.”

Patriots wide receiver Deion Branch and his former teammate, running back Patrick Pass, will be co-hosts of the event. There will be special guest appearances by running back Kevin Faulk, as well as former Patriots David Givens and Jermaine Wiggins.

Former Mayor Vincent A. Cianci Jr. will announce the countdown to midnight and make the midnight toast.

Tickets are $50 and can be purchased at A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Free Your Mind Foundation.


Attention Melbournian Masqueraders!

December 23, 2010
Click on the link below to get your mask for masquerade ball on this New Year's Eve!

The Winter Masque

December 19, 2010
Guess what! Us peoples (mostly) minding our own business here at Masks For Masquerade Ball have been cordially invited to the Winter Masque! As have you! Lucky devils, the lot of us.

Take a moment to check out the imagery on this squidoo lens. The magical winter sentiment is conveyed beautifully, and the challenge will be something to keep a watch on over the next couple of months, for those who appreciate masquerade mask art.

Some of us might even join in the fun, seeing as we're invited and all.

Masquerade Masks & Mardi Gras Masks Videos

December 18, 2010
At the end of the rainbow of general guff and internet weirdness when doing research for <a href=">Masks For Masquerade Ball</a>, we found this little pot of gold! 

A fantastic array of videos all to do with masquerade masks and mardi gras masks, there are clips on face painting, making masks with kids, making use of theatre masks and masquerade decorations.

We're going to say it again – gold!

Mask Of The Week – 17 Dec

December 17, 2010

Mask Of The Week – 10th Dec

December 10, 2010
This week’s winner, brought to you by Masks For Masquerade Ball, is this bold and colorful piece seen below.

This fun mask is an excellent example of subtly contrasting shades and materials with great effect. Excellent work, anonymous mask designer!

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Buying masks online

December 10, 2010
Good advice from Tommy in article on buying a masquerade ball mask online.

“Selecting cheap masquerade masks is often a recipe for disaster, especially if you are not leaving yourself enough time to return a product that you are not happy with and find a replacement.”

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Mask Of The Week – 3rd Dec

December 3, 2010
It’s that time of the week again, where we at Masks For Masquerade Ball give you our Mask of the Week! This week’s winner isn’t the flashiest thing around, nor is it the most intricate. However, we love its elegant simplicity, excellent use of color, and the way it conjures up images of a masquerade under the sea.

The original mask can be found here.

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Roaring 20’s Paper Party Masks

December 1, 2010

We're not usually in the habit here at Masks for Masquerade Ball of extolling the virtues of plastic masks.

But these are pretty cool.

Make A Masquerade Mask (Video)

November 30, 2010
We are very excited to have recently shared some instructions on How To Make Paper Mache Masks For Masquerade Ball. Go us!

However we just stumbled (rather than Stumbled) into this fantastic resource for how to make masquerade masks that we just have to share with you. If want to make your own masquerade ball masks and you are a very visual person who learns best by watching another person – this video will be right up your alley.