Masquerade ball mask invitations…or should we say invitation masquerade ball masks?

If you happen to be having a certain level of to-do about your masquerade ball, and would consider an old-fashioned approach to invitations, novelty invitations can be found specifically for the masqueraders among us. They’re not super cheap, but they’re not overly expensive neither.


Inspired by Venetian masks, artist Adriane Dedic designed a colorful mask shaped party invitation for fashionable Halloween parties or masquerade theme costume parties. Glitter and ornate patterns cover the front of the mask that opens to reveal the party details inside which are personalized for each order. The open size is 9″ wide x 8″ tall. The words are written in a decorative script style and a rhyming message sets the mood for an evening of enchanting mystery. 


Enchant us, enchant us….we are ready to be enchanted.


One of the more enchanting features of these invites is that they are also a wearable mask that can be worn to the ball.


That’s one way to cater to some of your less-than-costume-crazy invitee demographic.


The poor, hapless unfortunates that they are.


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