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Make A Masquerade Mask (Video)

November 30, 2010
We are very excited to have recently shared some instructions on How To Make Paper Mache Masks For Masquerade Ball. Go us!

However we just stumbled (rather than Stumbled) into this fantastic resource for how to make masquerade masks that we just have to share with you. If want to make your own masquerade ball masks and you are a very visual person who learns best by watching another person – this video will be right up your alley.

Mask Of The Week – 26th Nov

November 26, 2010
Brought to you by Masks For Masquerade Ball is the first installment of…(drumroll)…Mask Of The Week! This will be where the contributors pick out the fave mask seen recently. A specimen worthy of this exalted honor, this fretwork is such an amazing piece of art, we think it should be called ‘frartwork.’

Should you have in mind any recommendations for next week’s winner, send us a link.

If there’s a premium masquerade mask out there that we may not have come across, we want to know about it.

Hiding Behind Shredded Paper Masks

November 23, 2010

Whilst looking around for inspiration for posts at Masks For Masquerade Ball, I stumbled across this photographic series by Frederique Daubal

Absolutely love it. Anyone with a good colour printer or even a glossy magazine could model their masquerade look on this type of look for a post-modern effect.

Chicago Open Bar Masquerade 2011 New Year’s Eve Celebration

November 21, 2010
Masks for masquerade ball is very excited about the upcoming New Years celebrations that are going to have a masquerade theme. 

One such party is the shindig planned at In Fine Spirits Bar and Eatery. The package includes a dinner and open bar until 1am.

For masquerade fans in the Chicago area wanting to make a good night of it, this could be the one!

Anngela’s Pretty Little Things: Lace Masquerade Mask {Tutorial}

November 19, 2010
As my readers would know, I keep my eyes peeled for anyone doing gorgeous creations in relation to masks for masquerade ball.

This tutorial by Anngela on how to dress up a plain base mask with lace and feathers is very straightforward and has some really elegant results.

If you're wanting to start with a bought mask, but individualize it, I recommend checking it out.

Commedia dell’Arte mask workshop in Israel

November 16, 2010
Live in Israel? Interested in learning how to make masquerade ball masks in the tradition of the historical Italian theatre genre Commedia dell’Arte (trans. Art of Comedy)?

Click on the link below to check out the details for Pierre and Geli Tobianas’ Commedia dell’Arte mask making workshop.

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Masks of the past in Europe part II

November 13, 2010

If you're into mask history, whether it's masks for masquerade ball or other kinds of masks, this may be your event of the year. The archaeologist, art history and museum folk are getting together in Halle, Germany for a conference on ancient to medieval mask history on November 19-21, 2010. Anyone want to foot us the air fares to Germany to go see this? You know we're good for it.

This conference will be focusing on different regions including Northern Europe, Roman Mask, Mediterranean and Indian. There are a number of fascinating topics, but of particular interest to us is the Mystery play and haunts – Masks in medieval and early modern times session.

To the European contingent, you can get more details on the event here. For those that end up attending this awesome event, please tell us how it goes! 
We'd love to get the highlights.

Dragon Masquerade Gown in Green and Gold

November 13, 2010

We here as Masks For Masquerade Ball absolutely adore this deisgn and think you will too.

It's exactly the type of thing that we talk about here when we advise our readers to make sure that the design of your mask corresponds to the rest of what you're wearing.

Big tip of the hat to Liana and her paper dolls.

Printable Mask – Mardi Gras Style

November 13, 2010
A quick and easy alternative to creating from scratch or buying your masks for masquerade ball: print it out on a colour printer.

The latest addition to a growing collection of printable masks at one of my favorite sites is this printable eye mask. It's got a bit of Venetian mask influence with that downward nose piece and the feather plumes.

Print this free mask onto card stock, cut our and add ties to hold it over your face, or glue it to a stick and you have an instant mask for Halloween, Mardi Gras or any costume

What’s under your mask?

November 12, 2010

OK, so this isn't strictly on the topic of masks for masquerade balls, but it is well within the topic of awesome masks, and who knows, it could help inspire you.

And it includes a fun interactive exercise to fill your time – see how many movies you can guess from the mask silhouettes.

For those interested, prints available for purchase here.